13 March 2007

Zimbabwean Unrest Intensifies

CNN has this story about the Zimbabwe situation: Lawyers: Zimbabwean opposition tortured by police.

ZimOnline has the following reports:
Judge orders release of Zimbabwe opposition leaders
Crackdown could galvanise Zimbabweans to rise against Mugabe
Civic groups demand release of Tsvangirai, Mutambara
Harare crackdown a wake up call on Mbeki: SA opposition

Zimbabwejournalists.com has the following:
High Court orders access to tortured Tsvangirai
Detention diary…day 3 - Two shot at activist's funeral wake

SW Radio Africa has the following:
Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) Press Statement


2 activists shot and wounded at Tandare's funeral
It's reported police descended on the Glen View home of Gift Tandare, the activists who was killed on Sunday, and started shooting at mourners to disperse them. 2 activists shot and wounded.

Lawyers barred from detained clients despite court judgement
In-spite of the High Court judgment that was passed last night by Justice Bhunu, lawyers representing all the arrested opposition leaders are still being denied access by the police. Medical practitioners that attempted to access those in need of medical treatment following the granting of the court order were also denied access.

ZCTU offices raided
Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) offices have been raided this morning and many of the staff are now being held against their will within the building.

MDC supporters arrested in Mutare
More than 75 MDC supporters arrested in Mutare and being kept in overcrowded conditions in Mutare prison where they are being fed by local citizens. They were invited to pay admission of guilt fines but refused and insisted on court proceedings. They are to appear in Mutare magistrates court on Wednesday. Those arrested include most of the Manicaland MDC executive.

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