26 May 2008

Hwange Elephants

When wandering through the bush, one sometimes comes upon a solitary elephant. A quick survey of the area reveals no other elephants in the vicinity. However, if one quietly watches that lone elephant, he will suddenly become aware that he is now surrounded by elephants.

I've often wondered where those other elephants come from and why they were invisible before. Now I know the answer:

(To best appreciate the view, click on the picture to view full it size.)

Zimbabwe Run Off Date Set

Thanks to ZimOnline for this cartoon.

The violence continues. The ZANU-PF campaign strategy is to kill or terrify all opposition so that only Mugabe supporters reach the polls. Of course, the ballot boxes will be stuffed in advance. May a miracle occur and justice prevail.

Pamberi ne MDC. Pasi ne Mugabe.
(Forward with the MDC. Down with Mugabe)

14 May 2008

New deadline for Zimbabwe's vote

Mugabe and ZANU-PF need more time to fix the next vote. Apparently, the current violence is not as effective as they hoped. People are still standing up for freedom. Read how irrelevant the constitution is in Zimbabwe: New deadline for Zimbabwe's vote

12 May 2008

The Fix Continues

Having failed to fix the election in the ballot boxes, even after weeks of post-election mathematical mechanization's, Mugabe resorts to the tried and proven campaign strategy of terror. To see how this political campaign is run visit Kick Mugabe Out. Be advised that the photos are EXTREMELY graphic and painful. The reality is even more so.

Rather than fall into the trap of allowing Mugabe to win by default, Tsvangirai and the MDC have decided to contest the run-off elections. This endangers the lives of Tsvangirai, MDC leaders and anyone suspected of being supportive of the MDC. Was Makoni Mugabe's rabbit to distract voters so that Tsvangirai could be denied 50% + 1 in the vote? Could that be where the votes were manipulated?

When the people of Zimbabwe gain the courage to stand up to Mugabe's thugs and to turn against family members who selfishly benefit from destroying others, Zimbabwe can begin a new course to true freedom and prosperity -- the TRUE Third Chimurenga.

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