26 October 2008

Magic Picture

Here's a little tease. Click on the picture to view it full size. Then put your nose to the screen to defocus your vision. Pull your head back from the screen slowly WITHOUT FOCUSING ON THE PICTURE. A 3 dimensional shape should appear in the pattern.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Some years back this kind of picture puzzle was quite popular and many books of them were sold. I just recovered this one from an old hard drive. I made it while in Moçambique and it had been deleted. Now if I can find my old software to make more.

25 October 2008

Kenya Maze

Here's something from Dover Publications. Get out the colour pencils, make it beautiful and see if you can get to Nairobi. (Click on the picture and print out the larger version for best results.)

21 October 2008

Victoria Falls Pseudostamps

With the instability of Zimbabwean currency these days, it's impossible to know how many zeros to put on the postage price. Since this is just for fun and these psudostamps won't be used on letters, it doesn't really matter.

19 October 2008

18 October 2008

Zimbabwe's Stone Mountains

Zimbabwe has many beautiful stone mountains.
Here are a couple in the Nyanga area of north eastern Zimbabwe.

17 October 2008

Aged Animal Photos

Giraffe near Punda Maria Camp in
Kruger National Park, South Africa

Rhino mother and child in Lake Kyle National Park near
Masvingo, Zimbabwe

This was shot on horseback.

16 October 2008

Sesame Zimbabwe Scenes

Here are a few pictures of rural life in the Sesame area of Gokwe in Zimbabwe.

Ladies carrying bags of upfu (mealie meal, maize meal or corn meal depending upon the kind of English you speak.)

The ox cart is a reliable means of transporting loads.

My wife (left) dances with friends beneath a baobab tree
as the children look on.

15 October 2008

Young Maasai Warrior

Young Maasai warrior with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background. This was taken during a hunt north of Arusha, Tanzania.

14 October 2008

Mt Meru, Tanzania

Mt Meru viewed from the front steps of Chuo cha waBatisti cha Theologia cha Afrika ya Mashariki (the Baptist Theological Seminary of East Africa, located about 20 km north of Arusha, Tanzania on the Great North Road going to Kenya) in 1971/72.

13 October 2008

More Victoria Falls Dancers

Here are a couple more dance scenes from the Victoria Falls Hotel show.

Makishi dancers

Ndebele dancers

(These look better at full size. Click on the picture to see full size view.)

11 October 2008

Victoria Falls Dancers

Here are a couple of looks at a dancer in the Traditional Dance Show at the Victoria Falls Hotel.

At the show these dancers are called Makishi dancers. I've never learned the exact tribal grouping they represent or whether they're from the Zambia or the Zimbabwe side of the Falls. The costuming reminds me of the Yao dancers from the Chewa people in Malawi.

05 October 2008

Zimbabwe unity cabinet talks fail

Mugabe tries to treat Tsvangirai as he did Nkomo. Tsvangirai won't buckle. Mugabe's idea of power sharing is "I wield the power and you obey." Tsvangirai and the MDC see power sharing as each party having partial power and working together as equals. As a result:

Zimbabwe unity cabinet talks fail

This is part of Mugabe's plan to retain power. He will not allow a workable agreement to be made and he will try to maintain the status quo since there is no functioning Government of National Unity.