22 March 2007

More News from Zimbabwe

Things continue to heat up in Zimbabwe. A country that was once the breadbasket of Africa is starving. People are suffering, yet, until now, the world says nothing. Could it be the lack of oil? Here are stories of the latest developments. Pray that a peaceful and just resolution to the conflict will be quickly reached.

For an excellent survey of how Zimbabwe came to be in this situation see these articles from the United States Institute of Peace: Zimbabwe and the Prospects for Nonviolent Political Change and Zimbabwe and the Politics of Torture. These are a few years old, but give insightful background to the current crisis.

From ZimOnline:

Zim opposition says Harare under virtual state of emergency

Judge orders police to return MDC officials’ passports

Mwanawasa likens Zimbabwe to a ‘sinking Titanic’

British premier launches blistering attack on Mugabe

US ambassador labels Mugabe a stubborn despot

Mutambara goes to court to have passport released

From SW Radio Africa:

Police brutality claims another life

One more person has died from police torture in Harare . 30 year-old MDC member Itai Manyeruke was abducted and severely beaten by police on 11th March during the disturbances that claimed the life of Gift Tandare . He was abducted in Highfields during the Save Zimbabwe Campaign prayer rally and must have died the following day from injuries sustained during the beatings.

MDC activists stage protest inside Zim embassy in London

MDC activists in the UK Wednesday staged an hour long sit-in protest inside the Zimbabwe embassy demanding an end to government’s crimes against humanity. They intended handing over a petition calling on the regime to stop killing and brutalising innocent civilians. When the group identified itself they were surprised to see embassy staff bolting away and hiding themselves in the building.

Anti-Mugabe chants at Human Rights demo in South Africa

Zimbabwe became the focus of a Human Rights Day demonstration in Johannesburg , South Africa Wednesday as hundreds gathered to mark this national holiday. On March 21 st every year South Africans commemorate the1960 Sharpeville Massacres, when troops opened fire on innocent civilians leaving 67 dead.

Zambia urges rethink on ‘sinking’ Zimbabwe

Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa broke ranks with fellow African leaders and urged Southern Africa to take a new approach on Zimbabwe . Mwanawasa likened Zimbabwe to a ‘sinking Titanic’ saying millions of people are fleeing the economic and political turmoil.

Court orders police to return Holland & Kwinjeh passports

A court has ordered the police to release MDC officials Sekai Holland and her colleague Grace Kwinjeh, who were being held under armed police guard at the Avenues Clinic. The two, who were part of the group of pro-democracy activists who were arrested and assaulted recently, were being blocked from travelling to seek urgent medical treatment in South Africa.

Press reports on Zimbabwe situation for Wednesday 21 March

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