19 September 2009

Pemba Bay

Pemba Bay is listed as the third largest natural bay in the world. It is located in northern Moçambique.

Looking down toward the bay from atop the peninsula.

A boat among the mangroves.

The town of Pemba is in the background.

14 September 2009

A Rare Sight

It's not often one gets to see a giraffe lying down.

Here's one getting up from an afternoon nap.

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07 September 2009


The title says it all: SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST PLAIN STUPID......

What more can be said?

Tough Zimbabwe farm family survives another blow

The fruit of greed and hatred that has brought Zimbabwe to collapse and impoverished millions all to keep Mugabe and cronies in power is well illustrated here. Cry for the beloved country.

Tough Zimbabwe farm family survives another blow

Antelope Park - Gweru, Zimbabwe

Just at the edge of the town of Gweru, Zimbabwe is a small private game park known as Antelope Park. I and my family liked to get away for a morning or an afternoon to enjoy the wildlife. Here are some examples of what we would see.

Peek-a-boo I see you

A small herd of young bachelors

I see you too

What are you staring at?

OK, so we're not on the Serengeti

Just wait until my horns are full grown

I'm the boss around here

Walk on by

06 September 2009

Maasai Warrior

Here is a Maasai warrior in full ceremonial dress in front of the house where I lived in Arusha, Tanzania long ago.