29 December 2009

More Suffering in Zimbabwe

News of additional suffering in Zimbabwe. With a health system dysfunctional and some groups opposed to vaccinations, children are dying needlessly.

22 dead from measles in Zimbabwe

08 December 2009

06 December 2009

Punda Maria Camp - Kruger National Park

Punda Maria Camp is the northern-most camp in Kruger National Park. It is somewhat more difficult to see game since there are fewer roads and the animals are less accessible. However, it is less crowded and more natural than some of the overpopulated camps.

The name is thought to be a corruption of the kiSwahili name for zebra, punda milia (striped donkey).

Kruger Elephant

26 November 2009

Kruger National Park

Rising sea levels: A tale of two cities

This is a serious issue. Even today many low-lying bairos (communities) in towns along the Moçambique coast are flooded when there is a very high tide. The many coastal islands are also in danger. For these people, this is not esoteric speculation, but life and death reality.


Rising sea levels: A tale of two cities

20 November 2009

Hard choices over food versus education in Malawi

How does a poor nation get ahead? Education is necessary, but can education take place if people are malnourished? What would you do if you were a leader in Malawi or Zimbabwe, or any other country facing this problem?

Hard choices over food versus education in Malawi

For those who think this is just a problem for developing countries, look at the U.S.A. Recent reports indicate that in some areas 1 in 6 people are undernourished. States are cutting back on the education budgets.

Whither the future?

16 November 2009

02 November 2009

Glaciers disappearing from Kilimanjaro

One of the sad results of global warming. The snow on Mt. Kilimanjaro used to be abundant and beautiful. It will be sad to lose it. Read:

Glaciers disappearing from Kilimanjaro

16 October 2009

Zimbabwe’s unity government splits

This is what Mugabe has been pushing for. He's persecuted MDC MPs and supporters and violated the unity government agreements in order to pressure the MDC to walk. Zimbabwe will not be healed until Mugabe is gone.

Zimbabwe’s unity government splits

19 September 2009

Pemba Bay

Pemba Bay is listed as the third largest natural bay in the world. It is located in northern Moçambique.

Looking down toward the bay from atop the peninsula.

A boat among the mangroves.

The town of Pemba is in the background.

14 September 2009

A Rare Sight

It's not often one gets to see a giraffe lying down.

Here's one getting up from an afternoon nap.

(Click on image to view full size)

07 September 2009


The title says it all: SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST PLAIN STUPID......

What more can be said?

Tough Zimbabwe farm family survives another blow

The fruit of greed and hatred that has brought Zimbabwe to collapse and impoverished millions all to keep Mugabe and cronies in power is well illustrated here. Cry for the beloved country.

Tough Zimbabwe farm family survives another blow

Antelope Park - Gweru, Zimbabwe

Just at the edge of the town of Gweru, Zimbabwe is a small private game park known as Antelope Park. I and my family liked to get away for a morning or an afternoon to enjoy the wildlife. Here are some examples of what we would see.

Peek-a-boo I see you

A small herd of young bachelors

I see you too

What are you staring at?

OK, so we're not on the Serengeti

Just wait until my horns are full grown

I'm the boss around here

Walk on by

06 September 2009

Maasai Warrior

Here is a Maasai warrior in full ceremonial dress in front of the house where I lived in Arusha, Tanzania long ago.

08 August 2009

Another Look at Hwange

This is a test of something new from Adobe Express, a free on-line photo editing/sharing site. The pictures are larger and the slide show nicer if you go the the site. Just click the little icon to the right of the slide show name. (These photos have already been published on this blog.)

28 June 2009

I Need Africa

This video says it all. Every expat who has lived in Africa knows this truth. We owe Africa so much.

10 June 2009

Audio slideshow: Zimbabwe's children

There is an old African saying, "When elephants fight, the grass suffers." Let me translate that as "When politicians fight for power, children suffer." Here is what Mugabe has done to the children of Zimbabwe in his hunger to retain power.

Zimbabwe's Children

07 June 2009

Serengeti Shall Not Die

(Click on photo to view full size)

Bernhard and Michael Grzimek brought the Serengeti to world attention with the book and movie Serengeti Shall Not Die. Unfortunately, Michael Grzimek was killed in a plane crash when a griffon-vulture hit his wing and blocked the rudder cables. He was buried on the rim of Ngorongoro crater overlooking the base of the crater. Above is a photo of the memorial erected at his grave.

01 June 2009

How Big is Africa?

Thanks to Texas in Africa for bringing this map to my attention. For other informative maps about Africa, visit the site where this one is found: Scarlett Lion.

05 May 2009

The Maponga Family

The Maponga family were good friends in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Baba Maponga managed the Baptist Camp just over the mountain from the Baptist Seminary where I taught. Amai Maponga studied at the seminary and earned a Certificate in Theology. The older son, Simbarashe, was an outstanding student at boarding school. Prosper, the younger son, was a good friend of my older son. Daughters Mufaro and Kudzai rounded out the family.

The world could use more families like the Mapongas!
Here they are posing in front of one of the camp rondavals.

02 May 2009

Harare Variations

Harare, Zimbabwe was a beautiful city in the 1980s. Here are some views from the kopje.

The jacaranda trees (above) coloured the city in the spring. Flamboyant, bauhinia and flame trees also added colour.

This view overlooks the old part of town near the train tracks.

Watch out!

27 April 2009

A Chiure Homestead

This is the homestead of my friend, Pastor Rodrigues, in Chiure, Moçambique. The first picture shows his home and the following two show his children. It's been about 5 or 6 years since the pictures were taken, so I'm sure the children are much bigger now. That's the nature of children. They tend to grow up.

25 April 2009

Caídas de Lúrio

In northern Moçambique in the Chiure District there is a picturesque waterfall on the Lúrio River known as the Caídas de Lúrio. It is practically inaccessible during the rainy season. I visited in the dry season when the water flow was low. Even with low water, it is a beautiful waterfall. I can only imagine what it is like when the water is high.

Enjoy these impressions of the Caídas de Lúrio.

ANC is denied two-thirds majority

Good news for South Africa. At least for now the ANC cannot become a ZANU-PF.

Read: ANC is denied two-thirds majority

Every country needs a strong opposition to protect the majority party. Pray that the ANC will govern on behalf of the people and not themselves.

20 April 2009

Banjo Roots: U.S.-Mali Fusion

U.S. banjo player Bela Fleck has done a documentary and made an album tracing the American banjo to its African roots. He was recently on NPR with Malian kora master Toumani Diabate discussing the project and playing together.

Visit: Bela Fleck And Toumani Diabate: Banjo Roots at NPR to hear some of the studio music and tracks from the new album Throw Down Your Heart.

This is some great fusion music.

Profiting from Zimbabwe's 'blood diamonds'

Mugabe got involved in the Congo war in order to enrich himself and his friends with mineral wealth. Many leading soldiers began to seek diamonds. Now diamonds are found in Zimbabwe and he uses the military and police to seize control of them and to enrich himself and friends even more.

Read the BBC report "Profiting from Zimbabwe's 'blood diamonds'" for the story. Stop the sale of blood diamonds worldwide.

Meanwhile, Botswana is cutting diamond production. Read the BBC report: "Gem producer Botswana cuts output".

19 April 2009

Good Music

Tananas used to make some of the best music before the untimely death of Gito Baloi.


18 April 2009

Olduvai Gorge

In 1960 I got my first subscription to National Geographic Magazine. That year there was an article that fascinated me greatly. It was about the discovery of Australopithecus boisei, or Zinjanthropus man, by Louis Leakey in Olduvai Gorge in Tanganyika. Little did I dream that about 10 years later I would have the privilege of visiting the site.

Olduvai Gorge

Olduvai Gorge

Olduvai Gorge

The site of the discovery of Zinjanthropus man.

Leakey's assistant, I believe his name is Francis, showing the major excavation site at the time of my visit. It was covered to protect it from the elements.

Small markers indicate fossils being carefully excavated from the site.

A portion of a leg bone of a prehistoric elephant.

Almost any stone lying around contained fossilized remains.

I later was able to see the Zinjanthropus man skull at the National Museum in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.