31 July 2008

The Empty Breadbasket

When I lived in Zimbabwe it was the breadbasket of Southern Africa. Even during the drought years, we had enough food to export to neighbour countries who needed it. Mugabe has done what severe drought could not do. He has destroyed the breadbasket.

See on the scene reporting from BBC: Food Shopping in Harare

19 July 2008

Africa Celebrates U2 In the Name Of Love

For those who love U2, this is the perfect introduction to African pop music.

For those who love African pop music, this is the perfect introduction to U2.

For those who aren't yet fans or either, this is a grand revelation.

For those who love both, this is ecstasy.

My only complaint is that southern and eastern Africa are under represented.

Get this album!

16 July 2008

Political Art of Zimbabwe

Chaz Maviyane Davies has produced some fantastic political art on the Zimbabwe situation. It is well worth viewing for it's artistic creativity. It is also important for the power of the message it conveys. Check out:

Nelson Mandela

BBC has an excellent audio slide show on the life of Nelson Mandela. View: