28 June 2009

I Need Africa

This video says it all. Every expat who has lived in Africa knows this truth. We owe Africa so much.

10 June 2009

Audio slideshow: Zimbabwe's children

There is an old African saying, "When elephants fight, the grass suffers." Let me translate that as "When politicians fight for power, children suffer." Here is what Mugabe has done to the children of Zimbabwe in his hunger to retain power.

Zimbabwe's Children

07 June 2009

Serengeti Shall Not Die

(Click on photo to view full size)

Bernhard and Michael Grzimek brought the Serengeti to world attention with the book and movie Serengeti Shall Not Die. Unfortunately, Michael Grzimek was killed in a plane crash when a griffon-vulture hit his wing and blocked the rudder cables. He was buried on the rim of Ngorongoro crater overlooking the base of the crater. Above is a photo of the memorial erected at his grave.

01 June 2009

How Big is Africa?

Thanks to Texas in Africa for bringing this map to my attention. For other informative maps about Africa, visit the site where this one is found: Scarlett Lion.