04 March 2007

Karibu kwa Afrika

The slightly inebriated, raggedy dressed old man squinted at the sight of a young American in his bright blue pants and canary yellow shirt. This neighbourhood of Arusha was not the normal haunt of one with such a pale complexion.

"Jambo!" he shouted.

"Sijambo!" replied the slightly disconcerted young man.

The old man suddenly leaped at the youth and yelled, "Habari?"

"Nzuri," croaked the young man taking a step backward. Having reached the limit of his Swahili vocabulary, he shoved a tract at the old man, which invited him to a concert to be held in the neighbourhood.

The old man took the colourful piece of paper and staggered on his way. The men standing on the porch of a nearby bar burst into laughter.

"Karibu kwa Afrika!" "Welcome to Africa!"

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