22 September 2008

'1 million people lost livelihoods in Mugabe's farm seizures'

ZimOnline reports on a mostly overlooked consequence of Mugabe's land grab. This is in addition to the starvation and unemployment bestowed upon the general public as a result of his party's greed. (Little land went to the needy. Party loyalists were rewarded instead.)


'1 million people lost livelihoods in Mugabe's farm seizures'

18 September 2008

Whither Zimbabwe?

Interesting articles from the BBC highlight the hopes and difficulties in Zimbabwe today.

Deal a humiliation, says Mugabe

Zimbabwe deal: 'Good, bad and ugly'

What's the lie of Zimbabwe's land?

It will be a long hard struggle to rebuild Zimbabwe, but at least now there is hope -- couched in caution that the viper may yet strike again.

08 September 2008

Lowdown Wildlife

Not all African wildlife is huge. These little fellows can be very destructive, though. Some also consider them tasty.

01 September 2008


The Makonde are world famous wood carvers in Southern Tanzania and Northern Moçambique. They specialize in carving ebony. One of their most famous types of carvings shows the family relationships in a single wooden carving. They range from small in size like the one here, to whole logs over six feet tall.

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I am still trying to master the software that merges multiple photos into a 3-D object. Quite a bit of detail has been lost from this carving, but it does give a good idea of what an Ujamaa (family - Swahili) carving is.