21 March 2007

Continuing News from Zimbabwe

From SW Radio Africa:

MDC claims Mugabe pushing country towards civil war
The country’s main opposition party on Tuesday claimed that Mugabe is pushing Zimbabwe towards the brink of a civil war as a last ditch effort to obliterate the opposition. The MDC’s secretary for Foreign Affairs Professor Elphas Mukonoweshuro said Mugabe is happy to see the political crisis pushing towards a major upheaval because it will give him an excuse to crush any uprising.

Reluctant South Africa to allow UN briefing on Zimbabwe
In a sudden turnaround South Africa is reported to have decided not to block a report to the UN Security Council on the situation in Zimbabwe . Its ambassador to the UN, Dumisani Kumalo, had said he would use the country’s position as current president of the council to block a briefing requested by Britain 's UN ambassador.

Australian Aboriginal leaders condemn Zim police
Australian Aboriginal leaders have joined worldwide condemnation against the recent attacks on opposition and civic leaders by the Zimbabwean government, in particular against Sekai Holland who was a staunch supporter of the Aboriginal Land Rights movement. Holland is a 64-year old Zimbabwean, married to an Australian.

Harare residents march for fresh elections
Police in Harare were caught off guard on Tuesday when about 100 residents of Harare marched to the steps of City Hall demanding the ouster of the illegal commission running the city and fresh elections immediately.

From ZimOnline:

Mugabe seeks Angola's help to quell protests
Tsvangirai expresses concern over region’s lukewarm response
FEATURE: ‘It is as if we are now under a police state’

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