11 December 2010

The Zimbabwe Dollar

When I moved to Zimbabwe in 1982, the Zimbabwe Dollar was worth $1.10 US. It had just dropped from about $1.40 US, and at one time had been worth even more. In other words, to get 1 Zimbabwe dollar, you had to pay US$1.10. By the time the Zimbabwe dollar fell out of usage, it took in the billions of Zimbabwe dollars to purchase one US dollar. It's hard to keep track of how far the Z$ fell due to the dropping of zeros from the exchange rate during the process.

It is sad to see a once prosperous country fall so far.

21 November 2010

Zimbabwe Carving

Although Zimbabwe is best known for stone carvings, there are excellent wood carvers, also. This is an example of a relief carving which now hangs on our wall.

21 August 2010

08 August 2010

10 May 2010

Justice Survives In Zimbabwe (This Time)

Justice rises from the ashes on this occasion. In the early years of independence, the courts were independent and just. Then Mugabe drove off the honest judges through violence and replaced them with those who could be bought with stolen farms. Now, are we beginning to see the winds of change? I pray it is so.

Court acquits Mugabe opponent Bennett

Zimbabwe court acquits PM's ally Roy Bennett

17 January 2010

02 January 2010

Zaburi Jazz Band

The Zaburi Jazz Band was a group of students at The Baptist Theological Seminary of East Africa just outside Arusha, Tanzania in the early 1970's. Zaburi is "Psalms" in kiSwahili.