23 March 2007

Continuing Coverage of the Zimbabwe Crisis

I have just discovered a blog with extensive links to sites with news of Zimbabwe. It is The Zimbabwe Final Push.

Found this cartoon on the Sokwanele blog

From SW Radio AFrica:

News stories for Thursday 22 March

Grace Kwinjeh and Sekai Holland taken to SA for treatment

MDC officials Grace Kwinjeh and Sekai Holland who were blocked from leaving Zimbabwe last week by Zimbabwe security agents left Harare on Thursday for South Africa to receive special medical treatment.

20 MDC supporters arrested & police raid homes in Chitungwiza

On Thursday morning about 20 MDC supporters were arrested after they took to the streets of Harare to protest the killing by police of MDC member Itai Manyeruke. They say police tortured Manyeruke to death after the blocked prayer rally in Highfield, then stashed his body at a morgue without the family’s knowledge. Those arrested are being held at Harare Central.

Bakers close as government insists on controlled prices

The baking industry has announced they are operating at only 30% capacity as a result of the government’s price control exercise. Vincent Mangoma, acting chairman of the National Bakers Association, said many people have lost their jobs and serious bread shortages have developed around the country.

ACP-EU MPs resolve to investigate Zim rights abuse

A political committee of the Africa , Caribbean and Pacific – European Union joint parliamentary assembly, resolved Wednesday to send a mission to Zimbabwe to investigate the recent attacks on members of the opposition and civic groups. The Vice President of the Tsvangirai-MDC Thokozani Khupe, who attended the meeting in place of Nelson Chamisa who was viciously attacked by suspected state security agents last Sunday, said the ACP-EU parliamentarians also issued a resolution condemning the brutal attacks on the political activists in Zimbabwe .

ZCTU to go ahead with stay away

A stay away being planned by the ZCTU will go ahead despite government attempts to destabilize the union and its protest plans. The stay away on the 3 rd and 4 th April is meant to press government to address the economic meltdown. Secretary General Wellington Chibhebhe said a group of ‘so-called unions’ met with Zanu PF structures in Marondera Saturday and are trying to mobilize people in the rural areas who will be offloaded in Harare to intimidate people into going to work during the strike.

Police raid CHRA offices in search of leadership

On Thursday morning 8 uniformed and 6 plain clothed police officers are reported to have raided the offices of the Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) in Harare. Staff members who were present said they were threatened by the police who came looking for CHRA’s top leaders in connection with a demonstration they conducted Wednesday on the steps of City Hall.

Mugabe's Brutality from Vanguard newspaper in Lagos, Nigeria

Statement From The Botswana Civil Society Coalition On Zim

SADC Council of NGOs statement on Zimbabwe

From ZimOnline:

Zimbabwe church leader calls for more street protests

Labour union presses ahead with protest plan

Mugabe killing off few remaining media, says watchdog

State agents dumped MDC activist’s body in mortuary

Church says this is not ‘the Zim we want’

And CNN has discovered Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe bishop ready to face guns


Refugees stream into South Africa

Fiery interview with the Zimbabwean Ambassador to the U.S.

Trying times in Zimbabwe, as people fight for rights

Photo Gallery:

Zimbabwe in crisis


Mugabe fighting for political life

Zambia: Zimbabwe 'sinking Titanic'

African Union concern for Zimbabwe

Transcript: 'Your agenda is not noble'

Mugabe rival: 'I will soldier on'

Main Mugabe rival hospitalized

Beating turns Tsvangirai into symbol

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