11 March 2007

SW Radio AFrica - Turmoil in Zimbabwe

SW Radio Africa reports on current unrest in Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwean leaders of both MDC factions arrested in Highfields

SW Radio Africa has also published the following articles:

One activist killed & several injured

Sunday 11 March 2007 - Emailed update from Tsvangirai MDC

We now confirm at least one death by shooting, one other in a critical condition and 10 people admitted to a private Hospital. Others injured are believed to have been collected - location unknown at this point. Also confirmed that Morgan has been beaten in Police custody. MDC has called an emergency National executive meeting for Monday morning to be followed by a press briefing and then a briefing for Diplomats in the afternoon.

The whereabouts of Arthur Mutambara unknown

Sunday 11 March 2007 - Emailed update from Mutambara MDC

The whereabouts of the MDC President Prof. Arthur Mutambara who was arrested this morning in Machipisa, Highfield and later transferred to Harare Central Police station are unknown. His legal practitioner, Mr Harrison Nkomo was advised early this evening by the Officer Commanding Law and Order Section at Harare Central Police Station that he had been since moved to Southerton Police Station together with others. However repeated efforts by the lawyer have revealed that he is not being held at Southerton Police Station and what is clear is that no police officer is prepared to divulge exactly where he is being held. As a Party we are extremely concerned by this development as past experience has shown that it is normal police procedure to hide the whereabouts of arrested persons when they intend to engage in acts of torture and abuse. It is very worrying when the police deliberately refuse to disclose whereabouts of arrested persons even to their legal representatives. As a party we urgently call upon the police and all responsible authorities to allow us access to our President and persons arrested with him.

Hon Priscilla Misihairabwi- Mushonga

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