10 October 2012

Rusape Landscape

This is a painting we bought on the street in Harare, Zimbabwe.  It's a landscape in the Rusape area.  Zimbabwe is so beautiful.  Makes me homesick.

08 October 2012

Time in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has lots of copper. There are many curios made of copper. We have this clock in our living room to remind us of our time in Zimbabwe.

06 October 2012

What a Contrast

Mau Mau struggle for recognition at home and abroad

What a difference between Kenya and Zimbabwe.  In Zimbabwe these days even kids born after independence are getting recognition as war vets and being paid by ZANU-PF to wreak havoc in the land.

04 October 2012

Banana Leaf Painting

I got this in Nairobi around 1971.  I went to an auction preview with a friend and saw it and fell in love.  I had to be in a meeting and couldn't attend the auction, so asked my friend to bid on it for me.  I could afford a maximum of 35 shillings.  At that time a US$ was worth 7 /, so I had $5 to spend.  I didn't think I had a chance at such a low offer.  To my surprise and delight when I saw my friend after my meeting, he had the painting for me, having secured it for -- 35/!  It is called a banana leaf painting although more bark or skin from the trunk of the banana tree is used than leaf material.  This is the nicest one I've encountered, so I am especially proud of it.

03 October 2012

Rhino Painting

This is a painting we got in Lilongwe, Malawi. It's painted on wood. The artistic talent throughout Africa is astounding. Since I can't create, I'll just appreciate. That I can do.