30 March 2007

A Luta Continua

The Struggle Continues (A Luta Continua) in Zimbabwe.

From ZimOnline:

ZANU PF urges party youths to ‘silence opposition’
SADC tasks Mbeki to mediate in Zimbabwe
Mugabe spies get massive salary hike
Harare denies Mujuru resignation reports
Weapons discovery a ruse by Mugabe, says MDC
Police release Tsvangirai, 20 still detained
South Africa urges Mugabe to pursue dialogue
US warns citizens in Harare

From The Zimbabwean:

Mai Mujuru resigns

SW Radio Africa:

Breaking News
Riot police have descended on Sakubva Late Thursday we had reports that riot police had descended on the high density suburb of Sakubva in Mutare and were indiscriminately beating people. They are also reported to be raiding the homes of MDC officials. At least 5 homes were raided. MDC information officer in Manicaland Pishai Muchauraya told us that an Inspector Dhliwayo is spearheading the vicious campaign in Sakubva.

News stories for Thursday 29 March

Soldiers beat up Mbare residents

Uniformed soldiers on Thursday descended on the High-density suburb of Mbare in Harare indiscriminately beating up residents. The arrived in two army trucks and began assaulting people using the rifle butts. A member of the Combined Harare Residents Association, Mfundo Milo, witnessed the assault and said it was completely unprovoked.

MDC activists badly tortured in police cells

The MDC has claimed that most of its activists who were arrested Wednesday when police stormed their party headquarters Harare , have been badly tortured by police. 4 of the 9 activists appeared in court Thursday and have been admitted to hospital with serious injuries. They face charges of attempted murder stemming from recent petrol bomb attacks the government is claiming is the work of the MDC.

Free-Zim Youth confront Angolan ambassador in London

The Free-Zim Youth (UK) movement Thursday made their displeasure known to the Angolan ambassador in London over allegations that Angola is to send 2500 police militia to help quell rising discontent in Zimbabwe . About 25 youths demonstrated at the embassy and presented a petition to the ambassador condemning the reported agreement.

Students urge Zimbabweans to support ZCTU stay-away

University students in Zimbabwe have said the mass stay-away organized by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions is an event that will benefit the whole country and should be supported by all Zimbabweans. At a national meeting held last week they resolved to do everything in their power to make sure the ZCTU stay-away was a success.

SADC urged to take tough stance on Zimbabwe

While his ruthless state agents continued to abduct and torture opposition supporters and activists around the country, Robert Mugabe travelled to Tanzania Wednesday to attend an emergency Summit of Heads of State from the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

A cry for Zimbabwe -- By Desmond Tutu and Madeleine Albright

Harare judges told to stand up to Mugabe by M.Monare

God Hears the Cry of the Oppressed-Catholic bishops letter

Sokwanele on Sky News blog - Inside Zimbabwe -- This blog has very good descriptions of daily life in Zimbabwe today.

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