19 January 2008

Alternative Transportation in Zimbabwe

With the shortages of fuel and other issues limiting the availability of transportation in Zimbabwe these days, perhaps folks should use the transport of choice of my daughter and her friends back in the '80s.


09 January 2008

'Dumbest criminal' caught in SA

The news is full of dumb crooks here in the USA. However, South Africa is not to be outdone. This is a real champion. What did he do? Read the story below:

07 January 2008

Rural Zimbabwe Today

BBC has a slide presentation showing life in rural Zimbabwe. In some ways it looks like it always has. But there is a mood of despair rather than hope now. See for yourself.

06 January 2008


Here is an experiment with some new software. I'm trying to learn how to display some carvings and things so that they can be viewed from all sides. This is my first effort, so quality is not up the standard required. However, I want to see how things work without waiting for perfection. Click on the following:

to see what this is all about. You will need to enable Java in order for this to work.

Eventually, I'd like to embed this rather than have a link. Is it worth the effort?