29 June 2008

Mugabe Sworn in as Zimbabwe President in `Sham' Vote

It took almost a month for the vote to be counted when Mugabe lost. It took a day to count it when he "won." It's amazing how quickly things can happen when you get the "fix" done correctly.

Read: Mugabe Sworn in as Zimbabwe President in `Sham' Vote

28 June 2008

Is Mugabe the real problem in Zimbabwe?

Removing Mugabe from power will not instantly resolve Zimbabwe's problems. For some interesting insights into the complications facing Mugabe's successor, whoever he may be and whenever he may come to power, read:

"Mugabe is Right"

For an excellent overview of Robert Mugabe's personality and how it affects his rule read:

16 June 2008

08 June 2008

More Hwange Elephants

A couple variations on a theme.

(For best viewing, click picture to view at full size.)

05 June 2008

The Rise and Fall of Zimbabwe

MSNBC has a slide show mini-history of Zimbabwe. View it here. (You'll probably need to enable pop-ups.)

01 June 2008

Another Hwange Elephant

The hidden doors are all closed this time.

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