11 September 2013

Kenya aquifer discovered in dry Turkana region

If this works out, it'll create great changes. As well as making a dry land arable, there will be tremendous cultural and political upheavals.

05 July 2013

How to Honour Mandela's Legacy

Here is an example of how Mandela's legacy should be honoured.  May many young people follow this young man's example.

07 June 2013

Jumping into Victoria Falls

We used to just see fishermen from Zambia working their way out along the edge of the falls.  Now it's become a tourist attraction.  Wonder how long it'll be before some idiot gets careless and goes over the falls.

25 April 2013

Malaria cases on rise in Nairobi

When I lived in East Africa, malaria was virtually unheard of in Nairobi.  I lived in Arusha, Tanzania and we had no malaria there either due to the altitude.  Only during trips to lower areas did we even think about Malaria and the need for prophylactics.

In Zimbabwe, we didn't see malaria in the highveld.  We didn't worry about taking prophylactics in Harare or Gweru and only took precautions when traveling to lower altitudes.  Just before we left Zimbabwe, there were a few cases being reported in Harare among people who had not traveled to lower regions.  Also, the regular weekly dosage of the common anti-malaria drugs were being changed to every 5-6 days as people seemed to be contracting the disease around day 6 or 7 of the course.

In Moçambique, we always worried about malaria since it was at a lower altitude and always hot where we lived, in Nampula and Pemba.

This seems to be a clear indication that global warming is occurring and that it is a life threatening event.

18 April 2013

Tanzania's Maasai battle game hunters for grazing land

What's happening is wrong! I used to live in Arusha. I hunted around Arusha. I've been in Ngorongoro Crater and camped in the Serengeti. I've observed the Maasai in those areas. The only threat they pose is to the cats who prey upon their cattle. Other game ignores them because they are accepted as non-threatening. This is a matter of greed for foreign currency and not a matter of wildlife conservation.

04 April 2013

ZANU-PF Feeling the Effects of Targeted Sanctions

ZANU-PF is feeling the pain of targeted sanctions. Will they continue to cry for sympathy, or will they make reforms which will trigger removal of the sanctions?

28 March 2013

Mozambique: Life in pictures

Brings back memories, though I don't miss travelling the roads. The one in the picture below is actually one of the better ones.

24 March 2013

Where Citizenship Went to Die

Where Citizenship Went to Die

One of the things holding Zimbabwe back is the refusal to recognize people born in the country as citizens, even unto the nth generation.  One of the things that has enabled the USA to prosper is the recognition of EVERYONE born in the country as a citizen.  (Unfortunately, some xenophobes today want the USA to follow the practices of Zimbabwe.)  I hope the new constitution in Zimbabwe will rectify this problem.

19 March 2013

15 March 2013

Zimbabwe Political Campaigns Remain the Same

The tactics of ZANU-PF campaigns remain the same after over 30 years.  Why change what always works?  Expect violence to increase rapidly as the elections draw nearer.

Zimbabwe MDC politician attacked on campaign trail

30 January 2013

Zimbabwe checks its bank balance

Zimbabwe checks its bank balance, finds only $217

What can I say?  Even I have more money than that, since I get paid today.  Not much more, but still more.  Good work, Mugabe!