09 March 2008

A Little Art Work

When my daughter, Malaika, was in high school at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya, she began to draw. In the mid-1990's we made note cards of some of her early work. Here is a set of pictures of children she did then.

(Malaika with Curious George, our pet monkey, in Gweru, Zimbabwe.)

I'll try to post some of her later work in the future. Later works tend to be larger and won't fit my scanner.


Ishtar said...

Beautiful! How old is your daughter today?

Tauratinzwe said...

You're reminding me how old I am. Malaika is now 29. ;-< How time flies.

She was about 17 in the picture with George.

Szavanna said...

So Malaika is 29? Did she carry on drawing? I'd love to see more :) Thanks for this posts - it is now included in the carnival : http://belleafrique.blogspot.com/2008/06/beautiful-africa-8th-edition.html

greetings from South Africa