30 March 2008

Fixed or Fair?

We now await the Zimbabwe election results to see if the election was fixed or fair -- or poorly fixed. Should the fix be in, will Zimbabweans accept the "result" as in past elections, or will Zimbabwe descend into the chaos Kenya faced?

Based upon the average Zimbabwean's aversion to more warfare, I doubt the Kenya chaos will result unless Mugabe loses and unleashes his thugs. But he does that after every election in order to secure the next one.

Vana vevhuu vachasunungurwa, here? Handizivi.
(Will Zimbabweans be free? I don't know.)


Steve Hayes said...

Some ANC Youth League members returned early from observing the election saying that they were harassed by security forces, and that it wasn't free and fair.

Tauratinzwe said...

Not surprising at all, Steve. That's always been the pattern since the '80s.

Reports I see indicate there'll likely be a "run-off" for president. I put quotes because it'll be a pause to allow the Green Bombers to run off those who will likely vote for Tsvangarai. I anticipate much coercion of voters and attempts to rig the vote.

Still, I pray for a miracle.

Living Zimbabwe said...

the way I see it especially with the delay, it is fixed!
as far as violence taking place, I am divided!
ANYTHING could happen.

Tauratinzwe said...

I think that every day of delay increases the chance of violence. It looks like the intimidation has already begun. Mugabe is still Mugabe, with his degree in violence.