15 March 2008

Larvon Bird Garden

Larvon Bird Garden is located just outside Harare on the road to Chegutu. They have a great collection of birds which are both free ranging and in aviaries. For the bird lover the walk-through aviary is a most exciting place to visit. Here are a couple of my favorite photos from Larvon Bird Garden.

The Crested Crane or Crowned Crane is one of my favorite large birds. It is the national bird of Uganda. They perform a most interesting dance during mating season.

The African Jacana is another interesting bird widespread in Africa. They prefer wet areas with floating vegetation.


Living Zimbabwe said...

I used to go there frequently on a Sunday afternoon with the family for a stroll and a bite to eat. I miss Zimbabwe.

Tauratinzwe said...

I miss Zimbabwe, too. Although what's there now isn't what we remember. I just hope Zimbabwe will some day recover its greatness.

Anonymous said...

My mum used to take us there nearly every weekend as children for their famous banana milkshakes and listen to the conversations of the parrots. Nothing like this in California even though we thought the grass was greener over here.