25 April 2009

ANC is denied two-thirds majority

Good news for South Africa. At least for now the ANC cannot become a ZANU-PF.

Read: ANC is denied two-thirds majority

Every country needs a strong opposition to protect the majority party. Pray that the ANC will govern on behalf of the people and not themselves.


Steve Hayes said...

Don't knock the ANC too hard though - if ZANU-PF had done to Mugabe what the ANC did to Mbeki, Zimbabwe might be a different place today.

Tauratinzwe said...

Good observation, Steve. My concern is that whenever a party gains enough votes to change the constitution and push through whatever laws they want, the idiots in the party tend to take over and assume absolute power for their party and you have a defacto one party state.

I hope the cartoon on your recent post on your blog is not prophetic. ;-)