06 April 2008

Wimbi Beach

Wimbi Beach is located at the entrance to Pemba Bay in Pemba, Moçambique.

(Pardon the low quality photography.

A cheap disposable waterproof camera was used for these
and film was developed at a terrible photo processor in Malawi.)

It is the center of a growing tourist industry in Pemba.

After low tide, seaweed is cleared from the beach.

Low tide is a good time to find sea shells.

Along the palm lined beach are hotels and private and rental cottages.

My family used to try to visit the beach when low tide occurred around 6:00 AM
so we could avoid the heat while snorkeling.

Just a short way from shore is a reef which is great for snorkeling.

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Esther Garvi said...

That looks like paradise to me! :-)