25 April 2013

Malaria cases on rise in Nairobi

When I lived in East Africa, malaria was virtually unheard of in Nairobi.  I lived in Arusha, Tanzania and we had no malaria there either due to the altitude.  Only during trips to lower areas did we even think about Malaria and the need for prophylactics.

In Zimbabwe, we didn't see malaria in the highveld.  We didn't worry about taking prophylactics in Harare or Gweru and only took precautions when traveling to lower altitudes.  Just before we left Zimbabwe, there were a few cases being reported in Harare among people who had not traveled to lower regions.  Also, the regular weekly dosage of the common anti-malaria drugs were being changed to every 5-6 days as people seemed to be contracting the disease around day 6 or 7 of the course.

In Moçambique, we always worried about malaria since it was at a lower altitude and always hot where we lived, in Nampula and Pemba.

This seems to be a clear indication that global warming is occurring and that it is a life threatening event.

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