04 October 2012

Banana Leaf Painting

I got this in Nairobi around 1971.  I went to an auction preview with a friend and saw it and fell in love.  I had to be in a meeting and couldn't attend the auction, so asked my friend to bid on it for me.  I could afford a maximum of 35 shillings.  At that time a US$ was worth 7 /, so I had $5 to spend.  I didn't think I had a chance at such a low offer.  To my surprise and delight when I saw my friend after my meeting, he had the painting for me, having secured it for -- 35/!  It is called a banana leaf painting although more bark or skin from the trunk of the banana tree is used than leaf material.  This is the nicest one I've encountered, so I am especially proud of it.

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