27 February 2011

Old Hwange Photos

Elephant in Hwange

Young Impala Male -- Hwange

Buffalo at Hwange Water Hole

There was a mother hippo and her baby in this water hole. The baby decided to challenge the buffaloes' right to drink there. It charged up to the edge of the water startling the buffalo who moved away a bit. The emboldened baby hippo charged again. The buffalo looked at it with disbelief whereupon it charged again, moving out of the water. The buffalo became irritated by the interruption of their morning drink and decided to depart until later.

The little hippo who could, began to leap about in the water in celebration of its great feat of bravery and daring. It spied a lone elephant drinking at the other side of the watering hole and began to swim toward it to defend its territory against another intruder. That was more than the mother hippo would tolerate. She let out a snort and herded the baby back to deeper water away from the elephant. Even a hippo has to share with an elephant.

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