15 February 2009

Some Things Never Change

Mugabe is a leopard who never changes his spots. He clings to power ruthlessly with no regard for the nation or the people. As we feared, he continues his tricks.

MDC ministerial candidate arrested in Harare

Police fire live bullets as MDC supporters demand Bennett’s release

Zimbabwe charges new minister with terrorism

Police deny Roy Bennett food

Swearing in delayed as Mugabe tries to increase Zanu PF ministers

More evidence of power sharing deal heading for collapse

Mukoko, Chiramba and Mudzingwa sent back to jail against medical advice

And the list could go on and on.

Mr. Mbeki, are you satisfied with the results of your years of "quiet diplomacy?" Silent complicity would be a better description of your inaction.

When will the rest of Africa heed the words of the presidents of Kenya and Botswana and those of Graça Machel, Mandela, Tutu and the true leaders and heroes of Africa?

Mugabe and ZANU-PF must go!

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