28 December 2008

When First I Lived In Africa

When first I lived in Africa, I lived about 20 kilometers outside Arusha, Tanzania at the foot of Mt. Meru. My house was among the student houses at the Chuo cha waBatisti cha Theologia cha Afrika ya Mashariki (the Baptist Theological Seminary of East Africa).

My house seemed HUGE to me after a college dorm room. I had 2 small bed rooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a dining room/butchery.

My house looked out on the student shambas (gardens). Beyond the student shambas and the jacaranda trees was a coffee plantation.

My living room was decorated with the skin and horns of a Thompson's Gazelle, from my first hunting experience. Maasai and Gogo spears, a Maasai shield and simi, Gogo ax were among the decorations on the wall.

Carvings, Indian brass ware and an ebony and ivory chess set rounded out the decor.

It was quite a mansion. Nyumba yangu!


Paul said...

I noted the chess board. I am an avid chess player . :-)

Joyful said...

It is a beautiful place! Love the mountain view.