04 August 2008

Rubic's Chameleon

(Click on image to view full size.)


just4yoshi said...

Wow, that's different. Would it work identical to the original? Or is it impossible to screw up? I cannot think of a single move that would not produce the identical picture on all 6 sides...

Tauratinzwe said...

Actually, it's not a real cube, just a Photoshop illusion. Since chameleons do their best to blend into their surroundings, I guess it's appropriate that the identical pictures on each side should make puzzle moves confusing. ;-)

I'm not good at Rubic's Cube, so I can't visualize what would happen to identically pictured sides when moving the cube. From playing with a cube mapped with the Hawaiian Islands years ago, I think parts of the picture could become inverted if it is not solved correctly.

Copy a picture, get out the glue pot, make a cube with identical sides and experiment.

Post your findings.