20 October 2007

Death in South Africa

Violence and crime in South Africa is continuing to grow and claim the lives of great people and artists. The latest music star to fall victim of senseless crime in South Africa is reggae star Lucky Dube. Dube was a spokesman for peace and justice. His death is a loss not only for South Africa, but the whole world.

This culture of violence must be changed into a culture of brotherhood. The government won't solve the problem. They will only exploit it for political gain. There must be a movement of the people to reject those who perpetuate this crime and violence.

Read about Lucky Dube's murder: South Africa carjackers kill a music legend

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Szavanna said...

Hi there - Lucky Dube is an unbelievable loss - I still cannot believe it - and find myself thinking and thinking what can be done. I have been in SA for 10 years now - and there is not one day that I don't think about possible solutions to the crime problem. This is a great country - with amazing traditions - so much to learn here - but all this is overshadowed by the violance and crime that stops many from seeing the all the beauty. Government and politicians are not achieving results - but there are lots who work on possible solutions.