13 September 2007

Pamberi ne Zimbabwe Cricket!

Zimbabwe defeated Australia by five wickets in the Twenty20 tournament!
Makorokoto vakomana!

The Bearded Man made the following observations:

There were two others things that I really appreciated last night. First of all was Zimbabwe's fielding ability - possibly one of the best performances I have ever seen - and I watch a lot of cricket. The second thing was in the crowds. How whites, blacks, coloured and Indians were all together celebrating the win. And that is what Mugabe is trying to stop...

He is so right. Mugabe has done his best to deepen divisions. But the people of Zimbabwe will prevail -- all of them.

Unfortunately, today England defeated Zimbabwe by 50 runs. But the boys fought well.

We're proud of you.

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Szavanna said...

Hi! Yes we were watching as well - and jumped up and down with the kids! Though I am not such a cricket fan but it still it was great to see them achieve this win!